The Sunny Day 🌤🌿

I think I’ve praised the beauty of nature so many times in all the possible ways, that I shouldn’t be writing stuff about it again, but here I am…

It’s just amazing how sth as simple as good weather and beautiful clouds can make someone’s day. I think it’s impossible to feel unhappy when you look out of the window, and see all the fascination of nature. Or maybe it’s just me, who knows…but the more it goes, the more granny I feel myself, who spends her free time not in shopping malls or whatever, but seeks for a lone passageway with trees and flowers to feel more connected with nature. It’s just that when I see such a magnificent scenery, I can’t help but feel happy. Even in times when I was depressed or sad, looking at the clouds always helped me relax, like I knew everything’s going to be alright. When I’m happy, all this makes me even happier. Like the weather and nature correspond to my soul, and I feel more connected with it. And it’s just pure perfection. Even in this ugly city the green and blue colors make it look like the best place to live. Well, at least in my imagination. When the sky looks like a cartoon with bright blue color and wonderful white clouds, that move so gracefully. The sun warms your body, but there’s also the cool breeze, that makes you feel fresh. The birds singing in harmony. The butterflies flying, and me trying to catch them as a 6 year old child, but in vain. The little leaves falling from trees, dancing and spinning round and round in the air. All trees blossoming, flowers blooming. I know I probably wrote this already somewhere else, but I still do.

What I dream about is living somewhere where the nature is much greater than what I have in this place. Where I could find a secret road that will lead me to Totoro. Where I would have my special places, where I would go and sit for hours. I’m just all dreamy right now, especially after watching and listening to ost of Totoro.

And I think I’m just rambling now meaninglessly, writing same things over and over again. Anyway, life’s good, enjoy it.


The Last of Notre Dame…

after crying for solid 20 minutes I got the inspiration to write..yes, inspiration can come even in the saddest times…Notre Dame was caught in fire…seems like I shouldn’t care, I’m not French, I’m not a history lover or what, I was in Paris once and spent like 2-3 hours in Notre Dame..but damn these few hours..they made me cry my eyes out after seeing the videos of how this masterpiece was getting destroyed..I really don’t know why I do react this way..I guess it just represents sth really important for me…faith, hope, happiness…great great memories and feelings I got only during those few hours…apparently they were pretty strong…maybe it represents that nothing lasts forever, that everything changes and everything fades away.. but I am so happy and honored that I saw it..I was there, I felt it, I loved it, I lived with it..cause for me it wasn’t only these few hours, they lasted so much longer in my heart…and they will still carry on living in my heart…

it just made me think about often we put things off..meetings with friends or family, doing what we want to do, seeing or visiting sth we always wished, and most importantly fulfilling our dreams…we put everything off and away from us. we do what we don’t want to do, we waste our days, our precious time and imagine dreaming about visiting Notre Dame one day…and now what? your dream is gone. I know it sounds harsh but it is what it is..nothing’s permanent, one day everything and everyone will say their last goodbyes to this world..and we will stay with ruined dreams and hopes…don’t do that, just don’t..don’t treat everything and everyone like they’re going to last forever, no they won’t..appreciate every damn thing and person in your life, try to make time for them, tell how you feel, tell them you love them..if you have dreams-fulfill them, cause that’s what will truly make you happy, having your dreams come true and having the best memories out of this life. don’t say “one day I’ll do…”. this day may never come. do it now, do it today. stop acting busy and unable of taking the damn responsibility of your life choices. you can’t not because you don’t have time, or money or the government is bad, or the weather’s horrible, no you just don’t want to get your butt off the couch and do what you want..and that’s it, loud and clear. I think I went too far again..anyway, don’t dream it, do it…there’s no tomorrow, only it till it’s not late…

there’s a good lesson in everything..even in such a terrible situation..I just really hope that they could reconstruct and rehabilitate this masterpiece, this divine place…at least to some point..I feel like it’s a death, to which I can only say rest in piece, my lovely Notre Dame…

Oh, Wonder 🌿

when lost, turn to your memories…

as I’ve said this a lot, memories are never happy..they are always bittersweet. you always want to go back and live that moment once again even if your completely and sincerely happy in the present day…but did you know that memories can also heal and cure your soul, mind and generally yourself? I kinda never payed attention to this, but it’s true..just one old person and some old songs can bring so many memories..memories of what you did back at a certain point, what you wanted, who you were…that specific point for me would be 5 years ago..a freshman, who just overcame her depression and started to actually enjoy her life…who found her co-thinker( I know there’s no such a word, but I’m too tired and excited right now to remember the proper word), who got the taste of life, who stepped into the white line, who found a reason to go ahead…I was full of dreams, lots and lots of small and big dreams,,some of them came true, some of them still haven’t..the point is that I didn’t know and didn’t care about the future..I had my dreams, my world, my music. I found my positive flow of life and dived deep into it. I was sure that everything will turn out the way I wanted..well not everything did eventually as I look back now but it doesn’t really matter..we never know what’s going to happen or not..but we can always dream..always go back to a point in your life when you were full of hopes and dreams and bring that condition, that state back to you..I’m sad now because I actually miss those times..innocent, immature times, when I didn’t really have to overthink about everything..I would love to go back, not to change anything but to feel those feelings once again…feel that fresh air, the sun, freedom and first steps of growing mature..I get all of this now too, but it’s different…I’m happy, because I got reminded how I was and how I could be now..I remembered so many things, I’ve forgotten during all these years…simple things..tried to find complicated explanations to everything, find a “meaning” to life, when I could have just lived easily, lightly…years go, and life never stops for anyone..we all change whether we want it or not..don’t get me wrong I’m beyond happy for who I am now, it’s just some weird thoughts I got tonight,,for which I’m honestly thankful..thankful to the memories that healed me in a way, became the medicine I didn’t think I needed now..thankful to that person who brought an old part of me back to life, who will do her best now…life’s full of never know how the day will end, and what tomorrow will just live your life the way you want to..don’t lose a single moment or day of doing what you actually enjoy doing…and don’t make everything complicated…and excuse me for this weird, messy kind of meaningless blog

When spring comes around…🌸

when April begins with its long showers bringing the lush color of all the green…when cherry trees slowly start to blossom one after another…when the sky is bright blue with the most marvelous clouds…when the sun warms you through the window…when the walks start to feel more at ease and delightful…when the swallows start to fly around and sing the most pleasant melodies…when you can feel the light gentle wind through the open windows…when sunsets last longer and have much more saturated and various colors in them…when you feel fresh and feel like blooming and blossoming with every little change of weather…when you feel like you’ve just reawakened from a long winter sleep and you feel the life flowing in your veins..when you feel that the sun inside of you is getting warmer and warmer..when you feel amazing, full of hopes and happiness…when you want to capture every moment…when you feel to be more connected with nature than ever…when you use every form of art to express yourself and your feelings…when every single song reminds you of the good old days, warm sunny days with the best memories…when you feel nostalgic for the past, happy for the present and excited for the future…when you feel that there’s a brand new chapter waiting for you with the best changes…when you know that no matter what, everything will turn out glorious and great…that’s what spring means to least for now…

My Battlecry ⚔️

It’s always interesting to make new discoveries of yourself or things in general. I think everyone has that in their lives, when you know something for a long time and you understand it, that it’s true, but you kind of don’t actually realize it. And then one day comes and bam, you finally understand something you’ve known for a while. I hope this makes sense. The same happened to me. I have always been a great fan of fantasy genre, I mean I can’t imagine my life without anything connected to fantasy, magic or mystery. And of course I always watched movies, tv shows, read books in this genre. I believe that all of this stuff is real, maybe not in our dimension, somewhere in alternate universe, but whatever, that’s not the point. And I knew that the fantasy genre always has the best answers to any problems of humankind, just in a figurative way. That everything in there perfectly represents our lives, our problems, fears etc. I knew that, but I didn’t understand it until recently. I always dreamed about fighting with evil, with demons, having superpowers, being the hero, always solving some problems and stuff. I always dreamed about it and pictured myself in that role. Just recently I realized that I got what I wanted. Everything that I’ve ever imagined. But again in a figurative way. My life is and has always been what I’ve wanted it to be, what I’ve seen so much in movies or books. I just always thought that I would literally have what I imagined, but that just couldn’t happen. I got the metaphorical representation of what all of this meant in the movies or books. The problems that I got were not “usual” for the mortal world. It was always something that I couldn’t even explain to me or to others, because it was indescribable. It was let’s say supernatural. Because I’ve dreamed about it and attracted it to my life. There were no real demons or monsters in this world, that I could fight, that’s why I created my own ones in my head. And there was a period when I always complained about it, why I don’t have normal problems or drama like everyone else, why I got what I got, why the life was so unfair. Now when I realized what has happened, it makes everything so funny and ridiculous. And the most important is that it makes everything much easier for me. Because now I understood and saw that one causal link, which connected everything together. If I created my own demons, it means that I also got the power to fight them back. If the demons are real for me, it means that the alias me also exists, with all the magical powers. And now I can finally picture myself as that badass hero, who fights with them. And whenever I feel down, I picture it as another battle with evil, which I have to win, which I can win. That’s what I call my fears, doubts, anxiety and problems now. Demons. I know perfectly well how they can manipulate with you, with reality, how they can make you feel something that doesn’t really exist. And now when something strange happens, I just know that it’s just a regular evil trick. If there was a test about all the supernatural and magical stuff, I would get a straight A. And it’s always much easier to fight with sth you know perfectly well. When you know how to vanquish each and every one of these demons.

And it’s not only my imagination that brought all of these into my life. It’s my choice of going through the spiritual and magical path. It was my choice to start developing my inner powers, my intuition, to always be interested in enlightening topics, witchcraft and stuff. And the further you go in this path, the more difficult it can become. But it also becomes more and more interesting and fascinating. And that’s another thing that is also comforting a lot, is that now I know that it was my choice. I made this everything, I wanted what I had. It’s one thing to blame the universe for anything that happens, and not understand the real reason of it. And it’s a totally another thing to realize that it was my choice, and therefore my responsibility now. The good part of it is that if I had a chance for choice, I would still choose the same. I wouldn’t give up, I wouldn’t stop being interested in what I love now, I wouldn’t go in a different way and stop my battle. Because that’s what made me who I am now. That’s really the greatest part of it.

So whenever sth bad or not very pleasant happens, always analyze your life decisions, dreams and wishes. Always try to find the causal link. And when you do that it’ll become much easier to figure out the solution of your problems.

p.s. though, it’s not that I care too much, but I hope people wouldn’t think that I’m a total freak or psycho, that I went mad because of all of the stuff I wrote. I’m not crazy, my reality is just different than yours…🦋

Mysterious Lyon 🇫🇷

Such a pleasure to start the new year with a traveling blog!

This time the destination was Lyon, France. I think it was the most unique and differing trip so far. I can’t say that Lyon was that small, but for me it will go down as a little old town. Unlike the other places I’ve been, it didn’t have too much attractions to see. And that was it’s biggest highlight for me and the reason why it felt different. When you travel for approximately 5 days, and the city has lots of “must see”-s, you end up not having time to just wander around and feel the general atmosphere of the city. Though I still managed to feel it, but not completely. In these attractions you only see tourists. You see cafes and shops made for tourists. And you don’t really get the true vibes of the city. For me it’s the most interesting and inspiring part of every trip. And this time, we didn’t have many destinations, and most of the times we had just “aimless” wanderings through the center of the city and its old town. And only now I truly felt the French spirit. I did feel it in Paris, but this was a whole other story.

It was cold and gloomy most of the days. And only in these days you feel the mysterious mood of the city. Lyon is considered to be one of the angles of “White Magic Triangle” along with Prague and Turin. The latter have their explanation and reason of being in the triangle, but Lyon didn’t. Well at least I couldn’t find anything justifying its magical position. But as soon as you’re there, you can feel why. It’s just something unexplainable, it’s just a feeling that you can get there. You feel something really ancient and almighty everywhere you go.With colorful buildings, gothic style architectures, churches and cathedrals (which I reckon has already become a cliche for me to say but still I do), narrow little streets of cobblestone, cute little cafes and shops, made not mostly for tourists (as there are not so many of them), but for the citizens themselves. The churches here are just magnificent. Especially the basilica of Notre Dame, which ironically was muuch greater and more powerful than the one in Paris, which is more famous than this one. That was the reason of me using the word “ironically”. Being not the greatest religious person (don’t get me wrong, I do believe in God or the universe, it’s just that I don’t connect my faith with religion or churches) I felt the presence of the highest powers in the basilica. The flood of light and positive energy, the spiritual atmosphere were just great. It’s just unbelievable that someone or something mortal could create something so divine only in 18th or 19th century. (and yeah, I’m still not good with numbers and years).

One of the things that Lyon is famous for, are the traboules built ages ago. Basically they are secret passageways between the narrow streets of old town, which go through the buildings. So passing it you can end up on the parallel streets, or as in one wonderful case, find an antique wicca shop selling vintage clothes, old maps, runes and tarot cards, jewelry, crystals etc. It was one of the days I’ll never forget cause it was a mini-dream of mine to come true- finding such a hidden magical place, which will feel like something special intended to for only you to see.

Basically the whole time in there I felt like a witch living in ancient times in France (thanks god I didn’t experience execution ). But I guess that’s the point of traveling isn’t it? Seeing and experiencing things not through the eyes of a tourist, but of a resident in that city. And doesn’t matter whether you feel and picture everything in the present or go back to the past, like I tend to do. Cause everything ancient has so many beautiful and mysterious stories. Stories that became legends and myths, or don’t even exist, you just make them up in your mind and believe in it. But believing means seeing, right?

So, to summarize the trip and blog, I can sincerely say that this one was a really remarkable one. Something I was longing for, just living and breathing the atmosphere of the city, especially in this kind of a city with its powerful energies and mysteries. Just having a chill trip, nevertheless seeing and finding out more about the culture and history of the place than if run from place to place to see the main attractions for the personal record’s check. I would definitely want to come back one day, and get all these once again. In the mystical Lyon.

Another Year Behind 🔚

Wow, I’m just realizing that 2018 is almost over. I mean hasn’t it just started? Wasn’t it a few weeks ago that I wrote the last blog for 2017? But still so much happened in this time that it also feels like an eternity.

Anyway, welcome to the last blog post of 2018. As one year ago, just wanted to recall this past year, what happened to me, again do my favorite comparisons of me now and then and stuff like that.

This year was calmer and more peaceful than 2017. The most important thing that happened is my graduation which was really long-awaited. University itself represented a kind of a prison for me, and I finally broke free. An amazing journey came to its end and I couldn’t be happier and more grateful for everything that happened in all those years.

The time of winter is always kind of the mediator period of post-holidays and spring-awaiting. The period of creating “new life” for the upcoming year.

Spring was so inspiring this year. I mean I wrote tons of blogs in that time cause I was inspired almost always. I was slowly getting the taste of freedom and I was feeling like a careless teen again as I was in high school. All my responsibilities, all the mandatory things were coming to their end, and I finally started doing what I actually want, and not what I have to do. Cannot not speak about the may showers which represented the perfect psychological and spiritual way of cleansing everything negative and bad from my life. My soul seemed to get lighter and cleaner from every new rainstorm.

After graduation I thought I would immediately start to make up for the past neglect-watch tons of movies and read lots of books. But apparently my brain needed a relax time, with no new information of any kind to get rid of all the bullshit learned in the last couple of years. It was my “phoenix time” if I can say so, I was reborn once again and it was perfect. The new, fresh me for the new more excited period of my life. Summer became the fun time, the continuation of not caring and just living my best life every day. That’s how I remember it, sunny, fresh and inspiring just like in the Bradbury novels.

Autumn was the most peaceful time of the year. It was going ahead like in slow motion. I name it the artistic renaissance of me, cause I started feeling so creative again, draw, write, make anything creatively possible. Also it became the time of learning. For years I kind of ignored the “human knowledge”, and was more focused on the spiritual wisdom. But the time has come, and I felt really eager to learn as much as I can from different spheres. I spent much of my time alone, which was I think an exam that I’ve passed with success, cause my loneliness didn’t become a burden for me, I actually enjoyed it and became even more independent in all of my actions and decisions. And well, December was the month of eternal joy, festivity and magic, which is sadly coming to its end once again.

If last year was all about being more honest and open about all my problems and fears and slowly overcoming them, this year was the time of another great realization. Not putting labels on myself. Not considering myself as someone who has problems, or anxiety or sth else, who is a sociopath, doesn’t like anything new etc. It was the time to burn all these old labels, beliefs and prejudices cause they were highly exaggerated and maybe not even completely mine. I started again to accept myself but this time from a different perspective. I’m a human being. As all the people, I got some problems, but I don’t define myself only based on them or anything negative. I started to get rid of all these past negative beliefs and affirmations, and it becomes so natural for me now. Speaking up my opinion, communicating more with people, trying new things, even new weird dishes, having walks around by myself etc. Accepting myself however I am. Not thinking much and getting deep down in everything, cause the more you dive in anything negative the more you start to drown and get to the very bottom of the dark ocean, where there’s no escape. I started to come out of my comfort zone, and actually enjoyed being outside of it. I became more mature and not only in spiritual way. I started to take the responsibility of my life and actions, and once again rely mostly on myself, not having any expectations connected with others. Not caring about the society rules, stereotypes or standards, creating my own, a little weird path to walk through in my life. Building up my life the way I want and desire it to be. Something I won’t blame anyone else, cause it’s mine, all mine. My decisions, my actions, my responsibility and my privilege.

My journey is still going on. I haven’t finished what I started, I am just moving forward constructing my life and my own self. Getting rid of every negative and toxic thing that holds me back from getting and doing what I actually want. Improving and enhancing all the good personality traits that I have. And finally and most importantly living my life and being happy. Cause a wise man once said that the only genuine purpose of this life is simply to be happy without any complications.

So this was the recap of my year. I’m forever grateful for everything that happened in this period, all the possibilities that I had connected with everything, all the fun that I had, all the inspiration. This gap year that I had, and still having was one of the best decisions of my life, to make up for the time I “lost” in school and university, to enhance what I’ve learned, to feel like a child or a teen once again before stepping into the bigger and greater life. To heal all the wounds of my soul and to rise once again like a phoenix.

So once again, I want to sincerely thank this whole year and the universe for absolutely everything that happened, and it doesn’t matter good or bad, everything was perfect just the way it was.

Thanks 2018 and farewell ! I can’t wait for the next year with all its great and amazing journey that is destined for me.

Merry and Bright 🎄💫

Well, it wouldn’t be me without another Christmas blog, would it? I think I wrote every possible thing about this holiday, but with every new year I feel more inspired to write something else, to spread this holy jolly spirit.

Everyone seems so outgrown of this holiday, everything became so dumb and boring. People stopped believing which is really terrible when you start thinking much about it. And it’s not only the belief in Santa Claus for instance, it’s the whole thing. It’s about not believing that something really magical and great and awesome can ever happen. Everyone defines their own meaning of the word magical, so it’s all up to you. But to quit believing is just dreadful. All my friends stopped believing in Santa way before me. I still believe in him actually. Even if this sounds stupid and childish. I want my fuel and energy for my life be positiveness and believing in everything wonderful, magical and fascinating. Even if it’s not true. Even if everything won’t turn out the way I dream, so what? I had that sense of believing which lead me through the days. I had that warm feeling inside of me and I never let it go cold in my heart and soul. And I don’t care if it’s stupid, that’s what they call motivation or inspiration.

Christmas here served as a good metaphor. But it also has its literal interpretation. I believe in Christmas, in its spirit. I believe that good things happen and that magic happens you just have to keep your heart wide open for it and not deny it. This whole month is a big festivity itself. All the fairy lights which are my absolute favorite thing and not only for christmas. Their dances contain so much magic, as though you appear in a wonderland. Christmas songs, movies, snow(if you get lucky enough to have it). Decorating, being with your close ones, seeing all the lights in the night city, having chilly walks and then cuddling in a warm blanket with, of course, hot chocolate and a great movie. Being creative, making something special for this time, spreading christmas cheer and spirit, trying to touch even one person’s heart and warm it up. Making Elves from Scrooges or Grinches. (hope you get that metaphor). Just feeling festive and magical. And again believing. That’s all for this season. I don’t mention presents or great table because it’s not what it’s really about. If your main topic is getting presents, new fashionable clothes for celebrating, and food food food, then I must inform you that you’ve missed out the point of this holy times and you might need to sort out your priorities. And it’s totally up to you whether to join to this merry times or put it off blaming being tired, not having time, or being “grownups”. You will never be to old to feel happy and cherish everything your soul wants to cherish.

Anyway, I don’t want to lecture anyone now, because I’m too inspired for that. Just a little advice, remember your childhood, how you were getting excited for every little thing, how everything had so much magic in it. Remember those times, all the good memories that you had, recall them and try to bring back that joy that you had as a child. And just enjoy your times. And in this happy note, I’m saying my goodbye for now and waiting for the polar express to come and pick me up. One of the greatest cartoons btw, just watched it and highly recommend. It’s pure magic and kindness.

Merry Christmas everyone! 🎄💫

p.s. as blogs are not enough for me, I made a little cozy video with one of my ultimate christmas songs in it, so check it out and get inspired. ✨

The Illusion of Dissociation 🔛

Another great night, another topic to write about. Reading some of my old blogs made me realize that I often wrote almost the same thing about different situations. And it reminded me to write about something I wanted to say for a long time. The illusion of fragmentation or disconnection. So here we go.

When I say the illusion of fragmentation I mean the illusion or prejudice that people have that nothing is really connected in this world. I got this term from the greatest series Avatar. The wise Guru was talking about how we are connected, every single one of us. We are connected within ourselves, we are connected to animals, to nature, to universe, to everything. And that’s damn right. All the situations that happen in out lives are intertwined. Our fears cause our certain behavior, the sense of shame creates a long lists of the things we have to do, which in its turn leads to not saying, choosing or doing what we actually want, which makes us being not unique, just another product of nowadays. Which again makes us unhappy and miserable, we start complaining, loose our control over our lives and live the rest of our lives like robots. This list is actually way longer, I just don’t want to get too much into it.When someone complains about sth and you give advice to them, you’d probably hear “what does it have to do with my problems,” or “it doesn’t matter”. But that’s so not true. Once you change a tiny detail, in your life, doesn’t matter in which area of it, everything changes. Once you stop being afraid of being alone and stop lying or pleasing literally everyone your start being more sincere and confident, you like it and slowly take charge of your further actions. I really hope I’m expressing myself right.

We are all energies in this world. Everything we say or think or do is energies which create our lives. And that’s the very famous law of attraction. I still wonder why so many people don’t believe in it. I truly think that our thoughts, words, attitudes and actions represent our lives. Or I can say that our life is the reflection of what we think and do. Ever wonder why everything goes wrong with negative people? Why new and new problems fall on them just like avalanches? Because negative can’t and won’t attract positive to their lives. Even if they get rid of some negative, they’ll definitely get brand new portions of it.Some people always complain about everything. Weather, government, their friends or relatives, their looks etc. When seeing a rose, this kind of people always pay attention to its thorns and not beauty or good smell. People complain more than praise or thank anything that happens. That’s why bad things happen to them. You can’t go and buy shit and expect it to turn into flowers when you get home. But also don’t think that positive people have lives full of rainbows unicorns and golden shoes, no. Like all the people they get problems but with their light energies they overcome it easier. They take great lessons from their problems. And after every rainstorm they still got their rainbows and sunshine. When you think positively, when you truly believe that everything will turn out good even if it’s bad for a moment, you thoughts will reach the universe and bring what you believed in.

Another great thing, which I think is even more famous is the law of boomerang (no, not the effect for IG), and karma (again no, not the stupid unreasonable challenge of turning from beasts to beauties). These two, which in fact is the same thing are so great and work faster and better with every year. I guess I can say that karma is one of the levels of law of attraction. We get what we think or say or do. Basically karma is our court of justice in the universal level. Many people think that karma is only a bad thing, which is not true. Remember, karma is a bitch only if you are. If your life is full off bad deeds, don’t you even expect that karma will be nice to you. You’ll always get what you did but in a more powerful and painful way. Sadly, people often behave like complete assholes and still wonder why they have problems, why sth bad happens to them. Again, in the context of the current topic, they don’t think that something they did is connected with anything they get. They think that whatever they do just vanishes, disappears in the Black Hole. It’s convenient for them to think that they are all fluffy and good, and the life is unfair. No dears, we pay for everything we do. You can’t just idk kill someone, hit a kitten in the streets etc and don’t pay for it. One of the bad things of karma is that we don’t always get what we actually did to others. What I mean is if you betray someone, you won’t necessarily be betrayed by someone else. You may get fired, get sick or something else. And that makes it even harder to understand that it’s our boomerang that came back after a long trip. Idk why this happens in this way, but it does. So if you don’t get hit after hitting the same cat, don’t think that you’re untouchable and karma doesn’t exist or work. Another misconception of karma. When someone does sth bad, and they realize it and think that they can change or deceive their karma by praying or doing something good afterwards. It won’t work. It’s the same as if you killed someone and then make a donation for example, you would still be found guilty because of your murder. You still have to take the responsibility of your actions.

Karma works the same way on the positive level. When you do sth really good, not because of some personal gain, but just for Gods sake, you will definitely get rewarded. If you leave tips in cafes or cabs, you’ll get so much more later. When you are there for someone at their hardest times, you’ll get the same and even better help and support at your hour of need.

So again, don’t be afraid of karma. Be afraid, no, not even afraid, be beware of your actions. Say good, do good and you’ll receive nothing but good. Bad things don’t happen just accidentally. There’s always a reason behind them. So whenever you got problems, don’t complain about life or God being unfair to you. Just think what you did wrong and try to correct it and try to live right afterwards. It’s always okay to fail and make mistakes. We all make them and hence get our “punishment” or responding. But it’s us and our choice that decide the size, quality and type of our karma or law of attraction. Be good-attract good, and that’s it. There’s nothing really complicated about that. Just remember the simple rules of the universe, let the majority of your energies be positive, live your life and enjoy it!