Portuguese Memories 🇵🇹

To any of you, who ask me how was your trip, and I only answer “it was good” because I can’t explain myself verbally that good. This long blog is the answer to all your questions. Enjoy!

You know God really loved one nation because of the wonderful nature and positive and great atmosphere that they have. Such case is Portugal. They say that beautiful souls don’t live in ugly vessels. And this is soo true and not only for people. Bad people can’t have such a powerful country. By saying powerful I don’t mean strong or rich or anything, I mean the powerful energy the country has.

Though most of the days I spent in Portugal were cloudy and windy, it couldn’t stop the country from shining. You know I don’t only pay attention to beautiful buildings and statues, though I love them a lot. I pay attention to the atmosphere and aura of the place. And in Lisbon it was so calm, so peaceful and bright even on a gloomy day. That was the first thing I noticed about it, its bright aura, which makes you love the city automatically. I don’t want to be repetitive and praise all the magnificent colorful buildings, wide streets etc, because I think my love for them is very distinctive. The second thing I noticed about Lisbon, is that it looks like a cartoon. And not any cartoon, but a specific one. “Kiki’s delivery service”. And it’s not even that I loved that cartoon much, I feel relaxed watching it, because it’s a beautiful cartoon with a cozy little city on the sea bay, with little streets and crossroads, colorful trams. The same is Lisbon, and it makes me love it even more, because suddenly I feel like in that kind and nice cartoon. So if you love it, you’re definitely gonna love Lisbon. The feeling of little and coziness and peace is so important for me. I’m not a metropolis kind of a person, I don’t feel comfortable or safe in big cities. So Lisbon was perfect. I think I could easily live there because everything is so friendly and warm. By the way, there weren’t too much people in there, which is a huuge advantage for me, let’s say not a very sociable person. Unfortunately I didn’t feel like it was my motherland, though I’d love to have that feeling, like the one I had in Austria. But still it was the place I could live happily ever after. There was another city we visited called Sintra. The same I said about Lisbon I will say about this city. It was a city in the forest, as our guide would say, along with the world “earthquake”, which I swear he said thousand times in one day. The whole city was mysterious and people thought there was definitely something magical or mystical in there some years ago. There was also an antique house in Sintra, which was considered as a witch’s house. Can you imagine my excitement? I decided to move there, so I have a question for you. Does any of you need a kidney? Cause I might be selling some to move to there…Just kidding,,or not? 😈

The nature of Portugal should be a whole other chapter. You know when you have a whole day of tour and you walk a lot, and climb a lot, you gotta be tired at the end of the day. But the energy of the nature was so great and powerful, that we all didn’t feel tired at all. Indeed we felt more energetic than ever. That’s one thing I really value in people. They don’t touch their nature. They don’t build thousands of restaurants or hotels in there, they don’t cut the trees, everything remains the same and they always take care of their great forests, despite of being a poor country. There was a huge place that the masons built years ago, and a house of alchemist that used to live there. I am obsessed with all this kind of things, so I could stay there for days, examining every stone and every little tower or chapel, and hoping that something mysterious would happen with me.

And the most memorable part. We went to the world’s end. Actually it was Europe’s end, it just sounds better as the world’s end, like in POTC. It was the place where Europe ends and on the other side was America, which sadly wasn’t seen. And of course the ocean, with its powerful waves. And again I can’t not praise the perfection of nature. I really could stare at every single wave of the ocean sitting on the rocks of the cliffs. When I look at such a masterpiece, everything else feels not important. Every bad thing suddenly fades away and you can only think of greater and higher things than all these mortal problems. The waves hitting the cliff with all their strength but so peacefully. It’s still the most fascinating combination that sea or ocean has. The power and calmness and peace at the same time. And it was almost sunset, which made everything more beautiful and outstanding. I was expecting to see the green flash when the sun went down, which of course didn’t happen, and I probably need to watch less fantasy movies and mixing them with reality. Anyway the ocean was more than great and overwhelming, I just don’t have the rights words to describe it.

It feels like I’ve never written any longer blogs, I think this one breaks all the records. But still I could write more and more, describing every single street and tree of that country. I’m a weird person, I know that and I totally accept it. But hold on, there are still photos, so if there is a person who still reads this and hasn’t turned it off since the beginning, enjoy the memories of my lovely Portugal 🇵🇹 💛


Time Switched off 💆🏼

What is the best time of the day? I can’t say for everyone, but for me it is the time spent with my own self. In this crazy life we all need time to distress and recharge if we can say so. In the old times (and again I am talking as a 70 years old grandma) people used to spend their spare time more fun and efficient for themselves. Now with all the technology with the easy access in your hands, you can’t really switch off and go offline. I remember how many years ago, I was spending evenings reading books, drawing, listening to music, dancing etc. It’s not that I don’t do these things anymore but I don’t do them as often as I’d want to. Now people spend most of their times online, reading news and stupid rumors, watching other people’s photos and posts, videos and other stuff like that. We think that we had a time off and we were resting. And then wonder why are we always tired and stressed out. Why we get more tired during the weekend. Because the whole time spent online isn’t relaxing or beneficial for both our bodies and minds. I realized the absurd of my life only yesterday when I turned off my phone and just have the me time. And now I really would like to share some inspiration on how to distress and have some time for yourselves.

1. Your own corner. Create it, make it comfortable, calm and cozy. Light some candles, put fairy-lights, it’s not only a Christmas thing. Decorate it however you want, keep some plants or gemstones. The most essential part of the relax time is the atmosphere that you create. When you have your tidy peaceful little corner you automatically feel calm and ready to recharge your energy.

2. Be offline. Not only just mute your phones or tablets, turn everything off, the wifi, 3g, everything. When you constantly get notifications or messages you get tempted to look at your phone for only a second, which obviously lasts longer than the Hobbit movies all together. You can put some music on or even a meditation or nature melodies to calm your thoughts or nerves.

3. All by yourself. And now the best part- the relax time itself. Do whatever you like, whatever you have wanted to do for a long time but never had a chance to make it. Start a diary, draw something, play music, do scrapbooking, look through some magazines or old photos, take a bath, do some cleanup in your drawers. Just lie down and dream. Imagine the best and even unrealistic things that could have happened to you, imagine the perfect and magical life that you want to have. They say that dreams are dangerous. They often come true. Work on yourself. Learn a new language, do workouts, dance, try to make your intuition better, meditate, write down or repeat some great affirmations about what you want to improve or have or get rid of. Or just go for a short walk in the neighborhood to clean your mind and breathe fresh air.

And my favorite part. Read a book. The best way to escape every day problems and thoughts or just life. If you read before sleep you will calm your thoughts, and you will only think of a book, forgetting all the bullshit that you usually think of before sleeping. I don’t want to write about reading and books too much, because if I start, I’m afraid I won’t be able to stop.

I think it’s everything that I wanted to share. I know that I didn’t open an America or invented a bicycle, but sometimes we all forget the simple truth or just have the lack of motivation to do the things we already knew. Always think of your mind and your body first. If we won’t take care of ourselves, who will? Recharge your “batteries” so you can go on with the rushing life and don’t get tired, with the thought of the cozy switched off time you’ll have after a long stressful day.

Autumn touches 🍁

I feel like I haven’t written light inspirational blogs for decades, and I really missed it.

As you may or may nor know, I’m obsessed with nature, with beautiful sceneries, changing season etc. And when it comes to autumn, especially October, which btw is the most favorite season of mine, my obsession may be a little bit too much. My room looks like a gallery of autumn, and so does my IG page. I stare for minutes at every beautiful tree and talk about it forever. This whole month is like a big holiday for me, when I’m excited about everything going on around. I know that most of the people don’t like fall, because of cold and dark days, “autumn depression”, schools/unis, exams and so on… And I want to change it somehow, and like an advocate show you all the reasons why you should love autumn too. So let’s go 🍂

1.The nature<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
e a whole blog or two to this topic. I know that life is busy, but just stop for a moment and look around and start to admire the masterpiece you see. Everything is so wonderful in autumn, every tree with its unique bright colors, the falling and crunchy leaves, the weather with rainstorms and wind, the crispy air in the mornings. I wouldn’t change a tree to anything created by humans, cause nothing can compare to what God created. Just look yourselves.

< img src=”https://annmary0723.files.wordpress.com/2017/10/snapseed-14.jpg&#8221; height=”2448″ class=”wp-image-286″ width=”3264″>< img src=”https://annmary0723.files.wordpress.com/2017/10/snapseed-15.jpg&#8221; height=”2448″ class=”wp-image-287″ width=”2448″>< strong>

2. Sweater weather and more<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
er clothing than warm knitted sweaters. Or big bright scarves. And what’s the best time to wear them? I know you can wear them in winter too, but I am now praising fall, so forget about it.


3. Cozy rainy day.<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
verts and me ofc. Imagine, the rain dropping on your window, you are cuddling in a blanket, with a tea or coffee, and a book or movie. Or just staring out of the window, looking on the world like a stranger and enjoying your time. Nothing could be better and more beneficial than staying with yourself, with your thoughts, relaxing and just doing what you like.

4. Halloween

Last but definitely not the least. The time to be in the spooky and mysterious mood, eat lots of junk food, watch the same old magical movies and host Jack o Lantern in your room for almost 2 weeks. As a strong believer in all the supernatural stuff, I always wait for sth mysterious to happen. And I always seek to see sth magical in this mortal world, to try to bring the mystery to the normal life🎃

There are much more reasons to love autumn, but these are the main ones for me. As soon as you start paying attention to all the little but magnificent things that surround you, you will start to see more and more positive and beautiful things in your life. You will enjoy all the lovely and warm autumn touches, and your daily ordinary life will be as bright as all the trees during fall. 💛🍁

Square Minds ▪️▫️

Do you know what square is? No, not the one in maths or the central part of the city. It is a whole phenomenon, which my mom, and now me too love to call the squares, or square minds. It is when people lock themselves in the tiny squares, with only four walls and angles and live inside of them. When they don’t want to try or do sth new, sth they haven’t done before, whether it’s a new dish to try or new place to go, whatever. These squares are everywhere, in their mentality, worldview, way of life. These are all the prejudices or persuasions or beliefs that we have. The problem is that not everyone understands that he lives in a small blocked room. I have these squares too. I had lots of them, but now I’m trying to get rid of them because they do nothing but hurt you or your lives. In one big square there are plenty other ones, smaller ones. And each of them has a list of must-s and rules, what to do, what to say, how to act etc. It’s like a to-do list for our lives, what to do before we die. And the sad part is that we don’t write the things we really want to do, but what the society and the life wants us to do. Kinder-garden, school, university ( even if you still haven’t decided what you want to study, who cares, you finished school and you have to go the next level), then high grades( even if you learn nothing), engagement, marriage ( even if you don’t want do, but you’re already dating for a year, so it’s a shame not to marry), a ‘good’ job ( work work work like an office rat from 9-7 ), then children, grandchildren and then oops, you die. Great isn’t it? I know that most of the people won’t understand me. I don’t mean that you must not do everything written above. You just have to do it right, to choose what you really want to do, and live the life you want. And whenever someone’s trying to get out of this system, everybody treat them like a madman. Like wow, there’s a creepy person who doesn’t want to marry or work or go to the same path as the others. Kill him! I don’t want to sound like an old grandma, but what is wrong with this generation? You look at the teenagers, young boys and girls, and you don’t see the life inside of them, you don’t see the flickering light of life. Seems like the dementors suck everything out of them, and now there are just robotized vessels walking around. You see plenty of selfies with fake smiles, and when you close the smile with your hand and look at the eyes, you can only see emptiness or sadness. You see grown up students cry because of a bad grade, which actually isn’t that bad, it’s just not the highest one. There are so many things that I notice every day and every time I still get a little shocked. And I always wonder am I the strange one, or the others? When life is outside the windows of the classroom, and instead of going out, feeling the sunshine on you, walking and having fun chats with your friends, you want to sit in the classroom until the very last minute and show the teacher that you’re the best, is it normal? I am always in the mood of “must be living in a wrong generation”. I want to go outside or even stay at home but I want to do what makes me feel really happy. I want to enjoy every single thing, or moment. To rejoice every season, every holiday, every meeting with friends. I want to break free from the square and to make great memories every day. To learn and explore and try something new and interesting. There are so many things that we don’t know about. I don’t want to find one job and stick to it forever. I want to learn different things. I don’t want anything materialistic to define me as a happy or unhappy person. And I want the same for everybody else. I want them to understand the absurd of this limited life, or to realize that besides these squares there is a big whole world, that we need to discover. But I think this is already from a fantasy genre…

P.s. To clear everything up- I don’t want to say that I am here the perfect one without any flaws, or that I am the best and everyone else suck, no. I also have plenty of squares, and I do mistakes and maybe I really am the madman or that creepy person…I just want to write down my thoughts, again with the purpose of self-observation, or just the observation of people and life in general. And I want to inspire at least someone to change their lives and live happily ever after.

Self-observation 🔍

When you haven’t written anything for a while, and you really feel like writing even though you don’t know what to write about. And I don’t even have a title for this blog.

Another period of observing myself, the people around me, and just life in general. Lately I’ve been doing a lot of before/after of myself, my attitudes towards anything, my thoughts, my fears, feelings etc. And again and again I see how much I’ve changed, for some people maybe for the worst, but for me, it’s definitely a positive change. The more I grow up, the more sociopathic I become. All the events, that I was getting excited about a few years ago, lost their not only interest but also their sense. And of course I’m not talking about getting excited for a new season, Halloween/Christmas or any other holiday, that will forever stay with me hopefully. I’m just slowly getting rid of every old persuasion or belief. And the sad part is that I’ve always been like this. There was just a time when I was betraying myself, trying to be a person I’m not, to like what I don’t like. No that’s not the sad part. The sad part is that I really thought that I liked what I liked, and I was the real myself. And maybe I will say this again after a few years looking back at nowadays’ me. But the best part is realizing that the fake me wasn’t really happy. Realizing that yes, maybe I’m a strange person, preferring to stay at home and enjoy a rainy evening watching a movie rather than going to the regular cafe and eating the junk food that makes me feel so bad afterwards. I don’t say that I don’t go to the cafes, or I don’t enjoy spending time with friends. I just don’t consider myself as a happy person only because I’ve gone to dozens of cafes, or I have a birthday or a wedding to attend every week or sth like that. I don’t think that new clothes, or makeup or phones make you happy. Doing what you truly love, and being honest and faithful to yourself, that’s when you feel the happiest. Again let’s compare. When I didn’t go to uni one day 4 years ago, I still enjoyed my day spending at home. But I was always thinking about what happened there, what did I miss, I just missed my life, an important part of it and bla bla bla. Or whenever I didn’t manage to go somewhere it always made me lonesome and even moody. But now I just don’t even have a thought about the place that I didn’t go, I am just swimming with the flow of life. Now I know that I was supposed to be somewhere, no matter what happened, I would be there. If I’m not, it means my inner part, my soul doesn’t want to be there. And that’s the difference between me now and me a few years ago. At that time I was ignoring my inner part, the part of God inside me.The same goes with all your dreams, aims, relationships and so on. No matter how hard you try to do sth, if it isn’t yours, you’ll never reach that. But when you accept your life with every good and bad side of it, everything gets easier. When you live for yourself and not for the others, when you do what you really feel doing, that’s when you will be happy. But still the best part is the time dedicated to your character development and self-observation, and the most essential thing is to notice your changes, even the little ones, seeing your growth and being proud of yourself. And now I know what I wanted to write down about, and now we get the blog title. 🖋

Into the Woods 🌲

Into the woods,

The time is now

We have to live,

I don’t care how…

Imagine a person, who is obsessed with mystery, everything in the fantastic genre, darkness and nature. And now imagine the satisfaction of that person spending time in the woods, among big trees, with their even bigger shadows, where even mortals feel something mysterious. I hope you can do it.

For the introvert sociopath like me it was literally heaven. After being in different places, where I feel great, where I enjoy every second of life, where I am the completely happy , I ask myself what I am doing in a big city, where life runs faster than the Road Runner. I haven’t found the answer yet, I guess it’s a life lesson that I should pass.

But back to the woods. The perfection of nature amazes me every single time. Just like sea, it is the place, where you feel the most connected with your inner self, your soul and God. The nature, silence and the atmosphere make you think about your life, make you understand what is essential, what is temporary and unnecessary in this life. And one of the best things is that you spend only a few hours in fresh air and nature , but those few hours change your life and worldview somehow.

Besides spiritual enjoyment, I love the mystery of the woods. I really felt myself like in one of the HP or Tim Burton’s movies. The only problem is that you wait for something magical to happen, but it doesn’t…Or does it? 🌿

Wave after wave 🌊

Sea. Magnificent and wonderful sea. I know that I’m old for stuff like this, but I really want to become a mermaid. To live under the sea, to live and breathe it. So much calmness and power in its waves. I don’t envy people, but I sometimes envy the nature. How perfect it is. And I’m looking at the same sea I was looking at 4 years ago. How much has changed. I have changed, but the sea hasn’t. But there is still a part of me that is still the same and probably will never change. The inspired and hopeful child inside me was living then and is living now. And looking at something that hasn’t changed for years, I see my life then and now. All the changes, self-development. All the mistakes, imperfections, improvements, the process of becoming more mature. But there is so much more to life and growing.

The sea changes me, honestly. Wave after wave comes it, touches me physically and in my heart. And I start not to care. Don’t give a crap about anything I was so worried about some time ago. It just calms me. It makes me wiser and more confident. It feels like I meet a part of me, that I lost in this rushing life. When I swing on the waves, when I lose control over my body and mind, trusting the water is the best thing in the world. It’s like accepting yourself and trusting life to take you wherever you are meant to be. It’s like freezing the moment and just seeing the world from the point of view of a stranger, who doesn’t have anything to think or worry about. It’s like reincarnation. Water always helps. It always heals. You just have to trust it, listen to the sound of the waves coming and going, just like everything in life. Nothing is eternal. Everything fades away. But not the sea for me. Not its memories and the sound of the waves. Not a part of me. It stays and grows stronger and deeper. And every time I change, just like wave after wave… 🌊

P.s. Sorry for the following spam of sea photos, it’s so beautiful I can’t stop. 💙


Warmth of Barcelona 🌞🇪🇸

Warm and sunny Spain. And I’m not talking about the weather. The cities, the nature, people and the general atmosphere are warm (even if it’s a cloudy and cold day) and hospitable. You can always feel yourself welcomed. This country is alive. I can’t find other words to describe it. It’s alive, it’s living its best life. It’s like it is always summer and holidays here. You can never get bored here, there’s always something interesting and entertaining going on, and not only in the big cities. I can’t say that I am in love with Barcelona, because though it’s a good city, it’s not close to my heart. I love more small, peaceful places, with antique architecture, gothic style buildings and so on. Here in Barcelona I couldn’t fully relax and enjoy myself, because there were too much people. The cosmopolitan and tolerant city became the victim of its tolerance. In overpopulated places like this there is always the risk if explosion of all this energies and nationalities. I wouldn’t like to live in Barcelona, but the second time visiting it, I started to admire it. The wide streets, the great-great nature, the buildings, all different but somehow united. I loved its more quiet neighborhoods, where you can feel the energy of the city and nature, and not of thousands of tourists and shops. I gave Barcelona its second chance, and it was totally worth it. The city of sun, warmth and happiness, Barcelona ❣️🇪🇸

OST of life 🎶

Just imagine how boring everything would be if there was no music at all. No happy and sad songs that somehow fill your life. It would suck, wouldn’t it? I’ve said already that music is one of the best advice, medicine or solution to problems, it is the best way to relax. Just imagine you, your favorite song in your headphones and the beautiful scenery outside or your window. What else do we need? I also said that music is the best time machine that we have. We can always go back to our past days listening to the songs you were listening at a certain period. And I don’t know whether I am the only person who does this, but I also consider music to be the time machine of present or future. Let me explain. When I listen to new songs, I imagine that some months later I will listen to these already old songs and feel nostalgic. So I consider these new songs to be my ost for this period of my life. Ost for summer, winter, holidays, lessons etc. And it also helps me somehow. When I listen to these songs, I want to have really happy and great memories when I will listen to them later. I don’t want just to remember how I went to and came back from university or how I was lying all day long at home listening to these songs. No. I want to make my future memories really memorable. So that I will really miss this period, and I’d love to turn back time to these days. And to realise now that I am living that very period. To appreciate every second of it. To enjoy my every day, try to do something new, something different or funny. I don’t know whether I express my thoughts right, but that’s how music helps me. Making me be thankful for every minute of my life and day.  And these are the moments when I don’t even need to have a photo or video from that day, I will always remember those days. I will always remember the other day, when I was sitting in the balcony, listening to my favorite songs and looking at rainbow from one side and the magnificent sunset from another. I will remember these bright natural colors without any filters. The pink street, wet lush green from the rain, orange and pink clouds. In that moment I really felt myself in a movie. I wish I could stop and froze that moment for a long time. But due to music I will always remember that scene. 

Just appreciate everything that you have. Try to make your days and your life into your favorite movie. Listen to the best songs of yours, enjoy your every day and make them the best ones, so that you will have the most precious memories later in your life. Live your life the way you want your movie to be. And make every song of yours to be the happiest one. 🖤🎶